I love diving head first into production issues, especially the weird ones. When I’m not rummaging around in production I spend my energy making it easier to understand, and eventually more reliable. I have a fondness for automation and programming languages, especially statically typed functional ones.

I hold a masters degree in computer science from the University of Copenhagen and I’m currently working as a Site Reliability Engineer at Glitch.

For everyday random thoughts go to my twitter feed, for some professional information check out my Linked-in profile. For my open-source activities Github is the place to go.

I like giving talks – being able to dwell on a topic and create a good narrative to make a subject more approachable is very rewarding. You can check out some of the talks I’ve given here.

I try to contribute to the open source software I use whenever possible. Here’s some of the projects I’m proud to have contributed to:

Reach out to me on Twitter if you want to chat.